What Entertainment Product(s) Have I Been Consuming This Week -October 10th

October is now in full swing or, at least, as close to ‘swing’ as October gets. Not that I’m really sure I know what ‘swing’ is or what it feels like, but I’m confident that if I did, I would be feeling it now.

The Apprentice: Or ‘the only reality show I actually watch.’ Man, I love The Apprentice. Yes, it’s full of people who were for the most part obviously picked because they are mad enough to make for good television whilst not being in danger of slitting the throats of the other contestants in their sleep. Yes, it’s obviously edited to make the smallest mistake seem like tap-dancing through a minefield. And, yes, it’s pretty much the same formula ever year with little deviation. But, boy, it’s good.

A highlight of any opening episode is the ‘choosing of the team names’ bit, and this series didn’t disappoint. My favourite exchange went something like this:

Male Candidate #1: How about Team Alpha?
Male Candidate #2: No, that’s too macho and masculine.
Male Candidate #3: How about Titans?
Others: Yes!

The female team went for ‘Team Nebula’, an ephemeral cloud of gas pretty much summing up their approach to this week’s task, which was basically a more shouty version of Bargain Hunt. The ladies lost, since it seems they were all in need of a clear pricing strategy to ensure that they didn’t sell a priceless vase for £3.50.

Roll on episode two…

Ni No Kuni: This week I was sucked into the uterus of a giant fairy, and wandered around rescuing the unborn before battling a giant jellyfish-thing and subsequently being ‘birthed’.

This game is great. 

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