Urgent Recall Notice

Samoshoddy Motors, Uzbekhistan
Model no. A13279/A/X – the Carzakhstan
Sold exclusively in Europe by Dodgy Al’s Motor Emporium, Oxbury

A problem has been identified with the above model. It has been observed that, under certain circumstances*, the engine and floor may become dis-attached from the remainder of the vehicle, possibly incurring bodily harm to any passengers and their shoes. Owners of this vehicle should cease driving it immediately and carefully push it back to the place of purchase (being Dodgy Al’s Motor Emporium, Backalley Way, Oxbury) where they might receive a refund and a free goody bag containing a whistle.

*: Circumstances include, but are not limited to: heavy rain; light rain; drizzle; high temperatures; low temperatures; acceleration; braking; speeds in excess of 23.1mph; overly-vigorous door-closing; selecting reverse gear; Tuesdays.

Samoshoddy Motors – 65 years manufacturing sub-standard motors under communist oppression.

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