Oxbury Historical Society – New lecture season



The Oxbury Historical Society invites all those interest to its latest season of lectures:

March 18th: William the Conquerer and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat.

March 25th: Spanners in the Holy Roman Empire.

March 29th: Aztec cameras.

April 2nd: Mussolini and Ulrika – the secret affair.

April 7th: The fall and rise of Charlemagne’s empire (ballet version).

April 14th: The significance of the whelk in the Third Reich.

April 16th: Funking up crop rotation – disco in the middle ages.

April 19th: ‘Why were some many French kings called Louis?’ and other boring historical questions.

Lecutres are held in the Graeme Taylor Theatre, Oxbury University.
Admission: £3 adults, £1 children/OAPs (not both). Dead historical figures get in free (except Richard III).

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