No promises this time

I must admit to be prone to exaggeration, but even so it’s probably fair to say that over the last few years there have been more abortive attempts to do something with this website than there are Jennifer Aniston romantic comedies.

And here’s another one. This time I’m taking a different tack of just having a blog that I may or may not post things on that are connected with IT, or games, or writing, or superheroes, or Star Trek, or, well, anything I’m interested in, really. I’m not going to provide any guarantees that there ever will be an awful lot of stuff here, as my previous updating strategy has been somewhat lackadaisical.

For anybody who did read the blog previously (there might have been someone), I’m going to be migrating some of the posts over to here. Well, by ‘migrate’ I mean ‘copy-and-paste’ because that general seems to be an easier way of doing it than attempting any half-hearted import/export routine that’ll no doubt just end up with me losing my temper and having to manually edit a bunch of things anyway. For the purposes of what will probably amount to six or seven posts that really doesn’t seem worth it.

And finally, just a quick reminder that you can find a more stream-of-consciousness-style set of updates over on Twitter, under my username @Octavius1701 .

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