Kameo appearance

Kameo boxart
Kameo boxart

Title: Kameo: Elements of Power
Format: XBox 360
Release date: 2006
Obtained: 2006
Place of purchase: Gift
Price: N/A
Completed?: No

Kameo was one of the first games I got for my XBox 360 when I was given it as a Christmas present back in 2006. At the time, it was an amazing game with wonderfully colourful graphics that screamed ‘next generation’ at you and hit you over the head with their highly-defined awesomeness. Alas, coming back to play it in 2012 it did very little but annoy me. The big, big (big, big, big, in fact) problem I had with it was the camera. My God, the camera is awful. It’s almost as if the designers sat around a table in an office complete with a whiteboard which had the topic ‘How can we make the camera as dreadful as possible’ on it. After several hours of debate and diabolical-plan-hatching they tend took their heinous ideas and gave them to Timmy the work experience guy to program, thus ending up with an utter travesty.

So irritating was the camera, with its lack of centering ability, no enemy lock-on and a tendency to auto-switch to an inconvenient angle at the worst possible moment, that Kameo has become one of the very few games in recent years that has caused me to eject the disc from the console in utter disgust. In truth, I shouldn’t just blame the camera for that: the movement controls also lack precision; walking around is a very ‘floaty’ experience (even when you’re not meant to be floating) and the difficulty of aiming at enemies is unforgivable.

It’s all a bit of a shame, really, as the game has its good points. Other than the aforementioned graphics (which, to be fair, still look good), the game has enough of the humour that developers Rare are, or at least were, known for. The game’s main USP – that you can transform into various creatures with different abilities – is also well implemented. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever get around to finishing it because the camera and controls would just make it so annoying that I’d end up putting my head through the TV screen.


Kameo, just before the camera did something annoying.
Kameo, just before the camera did something annoying.

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